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Prologue (Oct 2003 – Nov 2003)

Our hero awakens!

Chapter 1 (Nov 2003 – Dec 2003)

The human Trace and keidran Flora spend the first night together. Flora’s ex, Sythe, makes his first appearance!

Chapter 2 (Dec 2003 – Feb 2004)

Our duo reach their first village and encounter a new ally: the basitin outcast, Keith. Trace also encounters several people from his past for the first time: the tavern sisters, Maren and Karen, and Trace’s old friend [database error]. A goal is set: find a ship and sail to the Basitin Isles. But trust is hard when it’s between three very different species.

Chapter 3 (Mar 2004 – May 2004)

Leaving Keith behind, Trace and Flora make a stop in a new city, larger than the last, looking for aid and supplies. But Trace’s past friends have followed him here, intent to bring him back and restore his memories!

Chapter 4 (May 2004 – Aug 2004)

The party reunites with Keith, on the promise that he won’t antagonize Flora. As they leave, Flora runs into Euchre, a friend from her time as a slave. Things go wrong as they try to free him. Trace loses control for the first time.

Chapter 5 (Aug 2004 – Dec 2004)

Flora and Trace make up, and romantic feelings begin to blossom. Euchre and the team part ways. They almost immediately become lost, while Euchre is hinted to not be quite so benine. The concept of feral keidran and estrus are brought up for the first time. More of Keith’s past is revealed, as well as his animosity towards keidran.

Chapter 6, Part 1 (Dec 2004 – Jan 2005)

The party believe they’ve reached a port city, but something is off. Saria, Trace’s past wife, makes her first apperance. Flora experiences feelings of jealousy and selfloathing, which make her vulnerable to Ephemeral, a mask-like spirit.

Chapter 6, Part 2 (Jan 2005 – Jun 2005)

Flora becomes possessed by Ephemeral, who uses her body to fight the party. Trace begins to lose control a second time, but Euchre intervenes. Trace connects with Flora mentally, which weakens Ephemeral’s hold enough to be broken. It is revealed that the port city was a huge illusionary trap set up by the mask, and Saria says goodbye.

Chapter 7 (Jun 2005 – Mar 2006)

The team travel south near the wolf border to reach the real port city, Wreathwood. Trace and Flora spend their first night together, and the masks meddle, as they do. Wolf assassins attack! Trace mistakenly uses black magic for the first time and summons a demon, which ends the fight. The dragoness, Lady Nora, makes her first appearance, much to everyone’s shock.

Chapter 8 (Mar 2006 – Aug 2006)

Wolf assassin Natani joins the party! The four reach Wreathwood in time for a festival. Resident perv, Eric, provides the party with a ship. Kathrin shows up! And things are revealed about Natani. Two things.

Chapter 9 (Aug 2006 – Jan 2007)

Eric’s brother Roderick is a prick. Natani’s first flashback. The party de-ports! Flora poses for a painting, while Keith and Natani spar. During the voyage, Natani has… gender-related troubles, but Keith helps. Not like that.

Chapter 10 (Jan 2007 – May 2008)

Basitin Island spotted! Look at all the Keiths! The generals show up, including an old friend of Keith’s, Alaric. Mike is pranked by Nora. Keith reveals his family past. Trace’s past with Saria is also shown by Nora. But uh-oh, Templar are here too! Keith is ordered to kill Natani, believed (correctly) to be a wolf spy. Laura! Keith and Laura have an awkward, then teary reunion.

Chapter 11 (May 2008 – Nov 2009)

Trace is captured. Keith stalls his orders by asking about Natani’s past, and the mental link is explained. Keith tries to kill Natani. Then… kiss? Tavern’s on fire, so they get out and formulate a plan to get Trace back. Keith fights Alaric, which ends badly. King Adelaide! General Alabaster screws everything up. Laura gives them the chance to destroy the tower.

Chapter 12 (Nov 2009 – Mar 2011)

Quickly, Team B! They’re forced to flee from wolves. Aftermath of battle. Keith goes on trial. His true family past is laid out. Keith’s friends risk execution, but, with the help of Lynn and King Adelaide, Keith is made general. All according to Alaric’s plan. Trace learns the consequences of using black magic. Laura says her fairwell.

Chapter 13 (Mar 2011 – Jun 2011)

Team B travel make plans to travel to Lyn’knoll, the free city. Everyone on Team A regroup and set sail, following the funeral. A stowaway is on board.

Chapter 14 (Jun 2011 – May 2012)

Trouble starts between the slaves, wanting freedom. Fire breaks out on the ship, and Natani loses his favorite robe. Kathrin shows her true feelings to Eric, and the stowaway (and true cause of the fire) is revealed.

Chapter 15 (May 2012 – Feb 2013)

Keith experiences depression following his loss. Another stowaway, Lynn, shows up. Meanwhile, on Team B, Zen prepares to capture Sythe. Raine’s hidden secret ends up being revealed during the fight, but Zen is fended off. Natani creates an illusion of Laura at Keith’s request, to say goodbye, but can’t let her go, despite the spell feeding off his life.

Chapter 16 (Feb 2013 – Oct 2013)

A now much furrier Raine explains to Team B about her past and father, Euchre. The red-haired guy is racist. Natani goes to Kathrin for clothing help, and while together they have some ‘girl talk’. Flora’s pregnancy is revealed to Trace. A huge fight breaks out, but the Laura illusion finally convinces Keith to say goodbye and move on.

10th Anniversary Chapter (Oct 2013 – Nov 2013)

Ten years of Twokinds! The main four reminisce about the time they’ve shared together.

Chapter 17 (Nov 2013 – Feb 2015)

On Team B, Maren and Karen are out cold due to Zen’s poison. Stuck, Raine and Red talk about what it’s like to be a wolf. Zen strikes again, but is struck out! On Team A, Natani helps Keith, and feelings finally start to be admitted. Kiss! Team B argue what to do with Zen. Maren and Karen wake and meet the new Raine. They agree to use the magic-nullifying collar, but to disastrous results.

Chapter 18 (Feb 2015 – Nov 2016)

Team A finally reach land at Flora’s old home village. Keith is determined to heal Natani. War with wolves is escalating. Flora reunites with her old ‘brother’ Kei. They agree to meet at Riftwall tavern, where Adira and Maeve make first apperances! A tiger meeting is taking place. Keith and Co. fight mercinaries looking for wolves, led by Saraphina. Fight ends via Dragon Princess. Tiger meet begins… it’s a trap! Meanwhile, Natani battles her inner demons.

Chapter 19 (Nov 2016 – Apr 2018)

Team B continues traveling west towards Lyn’knoll & Edinmire. They rest for the night at a hotspring. Trace and co are being escorted to the Legacy Manor. They meet Princess Reni once again and she reads his mind. An older Roselyn is revealed to be the manor’s caretaker. With Edinmire’s prison destroyed, captured wolves are being sent to the manor’s dungeons. Team A take some time to rest, with Natani and Keith getting some alone time. “Wanna touch ‘em?” The next morning, trouble finds Team B in the form of Carver! Clovis, Carver’s boss, is hinted at. Carver is defeated, but Zen is injured. Reni rushes to Team B’s aid, and the groups finally unite once more! While recovering from the flight, Reni describes her lineage & dragon hierarchy. The group gate back via gatekey. Euchre gives Rose a warning. Carver’s fate.

Chapter 20 (Apr 2018 – Mar 2020)

Zen wakes up in the manor hospital with Kathrin. Trace and Rose have a talk, as do Natani and Zen. Mike and Evals discover the Oasis Room discuss their future. Maddie and Karen find a secret hallway and get into trouble with a stone guardian, leading to Rose becoming unshackled. Maddie reveals the truth. Meanwhile, Raine has a problem Reni’s human form is revealed, and the group have a party! Maren and Sythe get to know each other. But something awakens in the estate. Elsewhere, Adira is taken by soldiers.

Chapter 21 (Mar 2020 – Jan 2023)

Trace and Flora are teleported to the secret hallway and meet Stoney! He’s friendly. Meanwhile, the Oasis party are attacked by Trace’s other attempts at stone guardians. Dark secrets from Trace’s past are uncovered. Saria was with child when she died, and Rose isn’t what she seems. Clovis breaks into the estate during the chaos. His men attack Sythe and go after Zen. In the greenhouse, among twisted Rose vines, Detritus makes his entrance. He plans to bring Saria back to life by using Maren’s body. Reni breaks out of the Oasis Room, freeing the others. Clovis enters the dungeons and takes out his own men, seemingly to be closing loose ends. Nibbly defends a wounded Sythe, then leads him to the hidden hallway. Clovis and Reni fight. Kat is attacked by Clovis’ other wolf, but is helped by Zen and Eric. Stoney fights Detritus and saves the day!

Chapter 22 (Jan 2023 – Jul 2024)

Synopsis Pending

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