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Slight Technical Difficulties

As some of you might have noticed, the forums were having some problems today. The server which hosts the forums went down for what was suspected to be an update, but in the process interrupted the database. It resulted in the loss of the forum's topics data. On top of that, the forums were not properly backed up, and thus could not be restored. However, thanks primarily to the work of chatroom resident ktemkin, the topics were restored by referencing the post data, which remained intact. It took nearly the whole day, but eventually, the forum was completely put back together. And from now on I've learned my lesson - daily backups are being made to preserve forum data in the future. I also want to thank AJ for providing his backup data, and avwolf for his insight on the problem.

Now that the forums have been rebuilt, everything can go back to normal. Unfortunately, working on this problem has put me behind on my normal duties as comic artist. I apologize - and I promise the comic will be up as soon as I manage to finish it. On an unrelated note, tomorow is my birthday! So, as a result of this minor delay, you guys will likely find an update right on my yearly celebration of birth, on July 28th. See you then!