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Finals Week

Once again, it's that time of of the Semester. Finals week is upon me, and as a result, I've been stressed for time. The next page will have to be put on hold until after Friday morning, when my last final takes place. In the meantime, I thought I might as well put up something I've been working on for you guys. I present to you, a new fantasy-style map of the Twokinds world, complete with names and locations. I've been working for quite a long time on this thing, and it's still a work in progress. Everything is still subject to change, though it's nearly finalized at this point. The blue numbers indicate locations of events that have taken place during the course of the comic, and the black numbers indicate events that happened in flashbacks. Enjoy exploring the map! And yes, a large inspiration for this came from the lovely map of Skyrim which came with the game.

Happy 8th Anniversary!

Eight year... a long time, for a webcomic. I was 16 years old when I began this journey onto the wild, wild web. Meaning the comic's now half as old as I was when I started. It's been a wild ride. We's suffered highs and lows; successes and failures. Through it all, though, I've enjoyed everything I've done, and don't regret a minute of the time I've spent in front of my drawing tablet. I don't have much else to say on this occation, other than to thank you all for coming along for the ride with me. Who knows what the future will bring, but I hope this comic has brought you the kind of happiness I've enjoyed in making it. Here's to the next year - to new adventures and new memories.


Due to my own stupidity, the scripts for this week's comic, which were written in notepad, were closed without saving when I finished last Wednesday's page. I didn't realize I'd done this until I sat down to work this week and found that all my notes were gone. It's not a big deal - I should be able to recall everything I had written down before. But it does set me back, writing everything again instead of drawing. It's important I get it all the details written down before I forget them. It wouldn't change the overall story, but the specific dialogue would end up being slightly different.

(Update) I've been working all last night getting the text restored and now, at 9am Wednesday, begun work on the next comic. As such, I'm not sure when it'll be done. I'll upload the page immediately as it finishes, so look for it later.

Massive Upgrade!

For the last four years, every page of Twokinds has been created on a computer I built from scratch. With a 3.0GHz Core 2 Duo processor, 4GB of DDR2 RAM, and Geforce 8900GT graphics card, it was a sweet machine for it's time. But times change. Technology has evolved since then, and what was once a decent workstation has slowly succombed to the ravages of progress. Finally, after years of minor tweeks and improvements, last week I decided enough was enough.

Today, I'm proud to announce that the Twokinds Workstation has been completely overhauled! The case and power supply are same, but inside, it's a whole new beast. Sitting atop the new motherboard is a 3.4GHz i7 2600k CPU, 16 GB of DDR3 RAM, and a Geforce gtx 560 ti graphics card. All of these new components set my wallet back quite a bit, but I managed to get some good deals here and there, and they should now last me at least another 3 or 4 years, with any luck.

So, that's all well and good, but what does it mean for Twokinds? Well, it means working on huge projects at ludicrous resolutions are now a reality! And that's good for everyone. I may have been set back quite a bit financially, but I consider this computer a business expensive, and it should pay for itself in time.


(Also, secretly, it's to play Skyrim.)

You May Need to Refresh this Page

If you're still seeing last week's comic, you may need to hit the refresh button. I've been having some minor issues recently regarding new comics not automatically showing up on some browsers. This seems to mainly effect Firefox. The old comic on the front page seems to stick in cache longer than it should. Chrome browsers seem to show the new page just fine. I haven't tested any other browsers yet. Regardless, just a simple refresh of the page should show up the new page if you can't see it. That goes for the preview for the new voting incentive as well. I'll look into figuring out a way to stop Firefox from still showing the old comic upon updating in the future.