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24-Hour Livestream Charity Event

Hey guys! I'm still getting settled back in after spending a week over in San Diego for Comic-Con, but while you wait for the next page to be posted, check out my brother's 24-hour livestream event going on right now! For 24 hours, he's going to be playing games and comentating over them in an effort to raise money for the charity Child's Play. He would really appreciate have your viewership during this event, so if you have time today, pop over and give it a look! Thanks!

Twokinds Kickstarter Success!

Thank you to all the supporters of the Kickstarter campaign! It was quite a success! The materials are now being prepared and should be ready by August to begin shipping out! As for the suplementary rewards, those are in the works as well. Stay tuned!

Kickstarter Going Crazy!

Wow! If you haven't checked out the Twokinds Kickstarter yet, you really should! In a little under 12 hours, pledges managed to skyrocket passed the goal line and continue going! As of right now, about 60 hours into the campaign, we've managed to achieve more than 250% of the initial goal. And there's still 28 more days to go until the fundraising ends!

So with that news, I bring you some even bigger news: I have created a new goal for the Kickstarter project. One I know you will be interested in. If the campaign total reaches $100,000 before it ends on June 9th, I will increase the update schedule for Twokinds to 2x / week. That's right, starting at the end of August, after all the other rewards are passed out to backers, you'll begin getting comics on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Twice as many pages! I will be preparing for this change by working on a backlog in the meantime. I hope we can achieve this goal. Your support can make it possible!

Twokinds Kickstarter Campaign Begins!

Twokinds Volume Two is nearing completion, but in order to print the number of books required by the printer, Twokinds needs your help! So today I am announcing the Twokinds Kickstarter Campaign! Getting a book to print requires a lot of funding, but I firmly believe you guys can make it happen. And for your trouble, there are all sorts of rewards for helping out! These rewards include signed posters, books, prints, and even a brand-new side comic exclusive to this campaign! So show your support and get away with some cool swag at the same time.

If this Kickstarter is successful, Twokinds Vol 2 will make it's debut at the San Diego Comic Con in July! I will be attending in person at the Keenspot booth to meet and greet any of you who attend. Twokinds Vol 1 will also be having a re-release, with a new second edition cover, and will be available at the con as well.

If you've never participated in a Kickstarter campaign before, you can read more about how it works on the Kickstarter page, but essentially it's a group-funding website that allows small-time guys like me actually get something out into the world thanks to awesome people like you! So check out the rewards, see if you find anything you like, and thanks for reading all of this!

Twokinds Fan Community Reddit Page

For those of you out there who consider themselves Redditers, I've been informed that there is now a Twokinds subreddit, which can be found at If you're interested, please feel free to check it out and subscribe. I am not personally running the subreddit, but I will be holding an "Ask Me Anything" style post on Friday, May 11th at 4pm EST. So if you have a question about Twokinds or of me in general, join the community and let me know!