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May 9th, 2012
Twokinds Kickstarter Campaign Begins!

Twokinds Volume Two is nearing completion, but in order to print the number of books required by the printer, Twokinds needs your help! So today I am announcing the Twokinds Kickstarter Campaign! Getting a book to print requires a lot of funding, but I firmly believe you guys can make it happen. And for your trouble, there are all sorts of rewards for helping out! These rewards include signed posters, books, prints, and even a brand-new side comic exclusive to this campaign! So show your support and get away with some cool swag at the same time.

If this Kickstarter is successful, Twokinds Vol 2 will make it's debut at the San Diego Comic Con in July! I will be attending in person at the Keenspot booth to meet and greet any of you who attend. Twokinds Vol 1 will also be having a re-release, with a new second edition cover, and will be available at the con as well.

If you've never participated in a Kickstarter campaign before, you can read more about how it works on the Kickstarter page, but essentially it's a group-funding website that allows small-time guys like me actually get something out into the world thanks to awesome people like you! So check out the rewards, see if you find anything you like, and thanks for reading all of this!

May 5th, 2012
Twokinds Fan Community Reddit Page

For those of you out there who consider themselves Redditers, I've been informed that there is now a Twokinds subreddit, which can be found at If you're interested, please feel free to check it out and subscribe. I am not personally running the subreddit, but I will be holding an "Ask Me Anything" style post on Friday, May 11th at 4pm EST. So if you have a question about Twokinds or of me in general, join the community and let me know!

April 11th, 2012
Minor Delay

This week's comic has given me some trouble. Please bare with me, I'll have it finished as soon as I am able. I'd suggest coming back sometime later for your regular comic.

December 8th, 2011
Finals Week

Once again, it's that time of of the Semester. Finals week is upon me, and as a result, I've been stressed for time. The next page will have to be put on hold until after Friday morning, when my last final takes place. In the meantime, I thought I might as well put up something I've been working on for you guys. I present to you, a new fantasy-style map of the Twokinds world, complete with names and locations. I've been working for quite a long time on this thing, and it's still a work in progress. Everything is still subject to change, though it's nearly finalized at this point. The blue numbers indicate locations of events that have taken place during the course of the comic, and the black numbers indicate events that happened in flashbacks. Enjoy exploring the map! And yes, a large inspiration for this came from the lovely map of Skyrim which came with the game.

October 22nd, 2011
Happy 8th Anniversary!

Eight year... a long time, for a webcomic. I was 16 years old when I began this journey onto the wild, wild web. Meaning the comic's now half as old as I was when I started. It's been a wild ride. We's suffered highs and lows; successes and failures. Through it all, though, I've enjoyed everything I've done, and don't regret a minute of the time I've spent in front of my drawing tablet. I don't have much else to say on this occation, other than to thank you all for coming along for the ride with me. Who knows what the future will bring, but I hope this comic has brought you the kind of happiness I've enjoyed in making it. Here's to the next year - to new adventures and new memories.