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Fanart Update

I've made a large update to the fanart section, with 33 new additions! Please check them out. I am also planning in the future to make some even larger updates to the fanart page, once I get the opportunity. It's in serious need of an overhaul right now. The current implementation doesn't leave room for any way to credit the tallented artists, which is a serious oversight in the design that I really want fixed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, I'm not a web designer so I'll have to speak to someone about it. In the meantime, enjoy the new art.


I will be attending NekoCon in Hampton Roads, VA from November 2nd through 4th! If you are in the area or planning to attention, stop on by to meet me! I will be there along with Phil from Yosh! and Ron from Caribbean Blue and iMew along with plenty of other artists and content producers I'm sure.

Minor Hiccup

The comic for Wednesday, Sept 26th will be coming up later today. I had to take a nap - my sleep schedule's been really wonky the last couple weeks and I'm trying to get back into a regular rhythm. Sleeping during the day hasn't been very healthy. The next two comics are sketched out, and today's is half-inked already. I'd expect it to come up sometime tonight. And there will be another one this Saturday!

Twokinds Vol. 1 preview available through Comixology

The digital edition of Twokinds is now being made available through Comixology, a digital comic distributor, and a free preview copy can be found here: Give it a peak if you'd like!

Level 25 Achieved! Birthday Update Unlocked

So, it has come to this. I have reached my 25th birthday - a quarter of a century - and now it's all downhill from here, from what I've heard. Time to take my first steps into "true adulthood". It's still hard for me to believe, but it was just about 10 years ago, at age 15, that I first started coming up with the idea for Twokinds. Nearly a decade has gone by, and a lot has changed. But a lot has remained the same, and for that I am glad. So today, I present to you a bonus update, as my birthday gift to you for sticking with me as we all grow older together. I look forward to seeing what the next 25 years of my life will bring.