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Delayed Due to Illness

Hey, yeah, sorry about the delay for Monday's comic. I've been practically bedridden the last day or so from a bug that really knocked me off my feet. I haven't had any opportunity to work on the comic until recently. The new comic has been started, but I'm running pretty much completely on meds at the moment. I'll do the best I can. Expect it to arrive on Wednesday.

Server Move Nearly Complete

Well, here we are, on our new private server. has finally been moved over and will be moved over soon. I'm sorry for all the delays and the problems that have come about because of the server issues. I hope that it will all be behind us now. This new private server is still untested, so there may still be problems cropping up in the future. But I certainly hope the biggest issues are over. I hope you will enjoy Twokinds' new home. Meanwhile, now that the server issues are resolved, I will work my best to get a new comic completely and published shortly. With any luck, I think I can have it done and out to you as soon as Friday. Cross your fingers.

Malware Problems and Site Moving

For the last few weeks I have been having a lot of problems with malware infecting the servers that Twokinds is hosted on. Periodically, it will inject an invisible iframe into the code causing problems and virus warnings to appear. It's an easy fix, but annoyingly reaccuring. Unfortunately, this time, I was asleep when it happened, and couldn't respond in time. Google declared the website bad, even after I fixed it. So I've moved the entire website to until the problem can be resolved.

But of course this is only a temparary solution. The problem remains that the host I am currently under is no longer secure, with all these virus problems continuously popping up. Therefor, I am preforming a server move now. Twokinds will be leaving ixwebhosting soon, and moving to a hopefully more secure private server from another provider. Expect some downtime as I preform the move.

I formally apologize for all the problems these malware bots have put all of us through. I hope it hasn't put you off from the comic. I will do everything in my power to try and put an end to these issues in the future.

Leaving Desk Unexpectedly

I will be away from my desk over the weekend. I will return to update the comic on Monday. Friday's comic delayed due to electrical storm power outage.

Good News Regarding Web Host

Wow, thank you all for your kind show of support, donations, and suggestions on ways to alleviate the hosting problem. Thanks to one extremely generous donator in particular, I am now able to afford to purchase my own, private, dedicated server just for Twokinds. I am shopping around at the moment for the best service provider to go with, but soon I will begin tthe transitioning stage. The website may become unavailable for a while when the time comes to move, but hopefully after the dust has all settled, we'll all have a new place to call home.

In the meantime, I will continue to try and pump out as many comics as I can on top of working out the server issues. I am currently suffering from a rather nasty flu, so I'm afraid I've been rather sluggish lately with my drawings. I will be at top speed once again when all this stuff clears up. Thanks for sticking with us. Thanks to all of your patience and generocity, Twokinds will live on.