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New Twitter Account

I've decided it's high time I starting participating in some of these newfangled social networking things, if only to stay better connected with my audience. So, I've started updating my twitter account. From there, I will announce everything I post publicly to the internet, from any of my sites. So, if you happen to have a twitter account, following mine would probably be a good way to always be informed whenever I make an update, or post some new art someone you might not happen to know about. I hope you enjoy this new feature! I will keep it up-to-date as diligently as I possibly can.


The next update is large. I need time, so it will be posted... er... soon...

Midterm Exam delays

As it happens, exams for every one of my courses has landed on this Tuesday and Wednesday. As a result, I have had to focus my attention on study rather than drawing. I have the next several pages written and sketched. If I could only find some time inbetween medical classes to finish them, I would bring them out. But for now, I will need to update late Thursday instead of Wednesday. Thank you for your patiences.

Bonus Comics and Plugging Yosh!

Just a little note about the bonus comics: I am amassing a large amount of extra pages that I can then update in quick succession on a regular scedule. It's taken me a while - I was not expecting to have nearly so many that would need to be caught up on! Please stand by until next week, when I can begin updating faster.

On a seperate note, Our good friends over at Yosh! are in a bit of a bind after some medical bills put him behind on expenses recently. If you were considering donating to me, consider him instead. He needs it much more than I do at the moment, and I'm sure it would mean a lot to him. Thank you. :)

New Comics Coming

New comics are coming out. I'm doing my best to catch up to orders, so expect new pages to appear more frequently, outside of my regular Wednesday schedule. I can't say exactly when they'll be, so just keep an eye out. I'm aiming for two or three pages each week, so hopefully I'll pay back all the backlog of bonus comics within the next two months or so. Enjoy the extra deluge of pages.