Frequently Asked Questions

After years of answering some of the same questions over and over again, I've finally decided to go to the effort of creating this FAQ section. Hopefully, this will help answer any general questions you might have, and give me a break from answering any of these in the future.

Q: How often do you update?

Currently, I update a new page every Wednesday, usually in the morning, US time.

Q: How did you come up with Twokinds?

Twokinds was just one of many spur-of-the-moment comic ideas I had come up with during my early high school years. It's a culmination of years of work and has evolved into what it is today.

Q: Why use animal people?

I wanted to write a story involving issues of race and what it means to be a person. I decided using non-humans would cause a greater contrast for the issues and make things more interesting.

Q: How did you learn to draw?

I began as I think most artists did, teaching myself by studying other cartoons and comics. I used online tutorials and duplicated art from other webcomics to learn what I know now. Much later, I would get formal training in art techniques and principles, which was useful in refining my work.

Q: Do you have any formal education?

I am in the process of acquiring a degree in Animation. Outside of The Arts, I am also working towards a degree in the medical field - specifically, radiation technology.

Q: Have you thought of making a Twokinds video game or cartoon?

Well, of course I've thought about it. But even if such a thing were a possibility, I probably wouldn't use the Twokinds webcomic as a script for it anyway. The comic was never formatted with animation or games in mind. I have other Twokinds-related scripts in the backburners that would be much better-suited for such things, if they were ever feasible. Maybe someday.

Q: Will you draw something for me?

I'm afraid with all the work I have to go through, I don't have time to take requests or art trades.

Q: Can you put my character in your comic?

No, sorry.

Q: How do I send you fanart?

You may email me your fanart as a file or link. The fanart section is updated by hand, so it can take quite some time before I get around to putting yours up.

Q: Can you teach me/give me tips/critique my work?

No, sorry. I don't really like giving advice or telling people what to do. It would probably be best for you to do what I did - search for tutorials and tips online. Try Google and DeviantART.

Q: Can I adapt your work?

Yes. You may modify, translate, or redistribute any of my non-commercial work. You may use my characters and settings, or draw inspiration for your own work. For all the details and restrictions, visit my Licensing page.

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